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Books and records are one of the most important aspects of a business, yet often ignored or much maligned.  Without them, how do you know how you are doing?  Having worked with so many micro-businesses over the years, we know exactly what you need to help your business.  

Often we are asked "what exactly is bookkeeping"?  Because of that, we wrote up some FAQ's that might help.

What is it?

At its most basic form, it is a numerical history of your business.  It is needed by everyone who takes in and pays out money for the purposes of making a profit.

Why do I need it?

First, to provide a year-end accounting to the government for tax purposes.  This is required by law.

Second, to allow outside investors the ability to make a decision on whether they will provide funds to grow and expand your business.

Third and most important, to give the business owner the ability to monitor the health of the business and make changes if necessary to help it grow and expand.

Without current and accurate information, the business owner is working at a handicap against his or her competition.

Does it matter who I use to perform bookkeeping for me?

Absolutely!  You wouldn’t go to a “cheap” doctor, or trust your kids to a bus driver who had his license suspended.  Crude examples, but they are accurate.  There are some very poor bookkeepers who will provide bad information.  If you base decisions on inaccurate books, it could be detrimental to your business.

As a CPA, aren’t you too expensive?

Because we know what we are doing, we may be the least expensive bookkeeper you ever use.  Not only will we save you money from an expense standpoint, but our suggestions and information will make you more money than any bookkeeper you have ever had.  If you don’t believe it, try us for 6 months and find out.  

What makes Pdx Payroll & Tax different?

Our experience, our background, our work ethic, our commitment to your success. Also, our timeliness.  You can count on monthly financial reports by the 15th of the month, every month.  Accurate, timely, affordable.


Contact us now for a no-obligation, one hour complimentary meeting.  It may change the course of your business forever.

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